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Pest Control Mice Sydney Mice are small and slender Rodents and like other types of Mice and Rat species are generally noticed in houses and commercail area. In order to get rid of mice of these types, mouse traps are used as a basic tool for mice control. But here at Fearless Pest Control we have the best cost effective solutions to offer your home and business for the control of Mice. If your wondering how to get rid of Mice and Rats from your home or busniess or would like to know more about Mice Control give us a Call Now 0425 218 172



Pest Mice Appearance:

House Mice have slightly pointed nose. Their color ranges from light brown to grayish brown with buff belly. They are small in size with length of 3 to 4 inches and 20 grams weight. They have larger ears and small eyes. These mice and rats are smaller than its other species, with similarity in round shaped droppings but a little smaller.

Pest Mice Habits:

These mice and rats tend to both live outdoors and indoors. Outdoors, they use burrow to live while indoors, they prefer to nest in structures, buildings and many other locations. Just like Roof Rats they have excellent climbing qualities and their range is restricted to 3 to 10 meters. Due to their small size they can slid through ¼ inch small hole.

Pest Mice Diet:

The House Mice and rats can eat many types of food but usually end up with cereal grains. They also eat variety of foods such as seeds, grains and nuts. Their food intake is 3 grams a day and water intake is 1ml a day.

Pest Mice Reproduction:

These mice live up to 1 year or may be a bit more. They get mature in 6 to 10 weeks. They have 6 to 10 litters per annum and females have 5 to 10 litters with five to six young each. Wild mouse lives less than a year.

Pest MiceConsequences:

The House Mice and rats contain various diseases, which are transmissible to humans. They can prove to be very harmful with influx of hanta-virus and salmonellas virus which caused many lives a year transmitted by these mice.

Mice Control Method Of Control:

Successful mice control is done through sanitation, mouse proofing your home and Busniess by reducing population are aessentail method of Pest control for Mice and Rats. With these consequences mentioned above it is better to get rid of these mice and rats soon call our Qualified Pest Control Technicians to get rid of Mice and Rats or any other Rodent  - Please call 0425 218 172




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