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Fearless Pest Control Sydney take Cockroach Control to the next level with our vast experance and knowlage about cockroach problems. If you have problems with cockroaches please give us a call and let us share our experance in solving your cockroach problems for good.

Cockroach Apperance:

The Australian cockroach is a large species of cockroach. It has a yellow margin on the thorax and yellow streaks at its sides near the wing base.  It is very similar in appearance to the American cockroach and may be mistaken for it easily.The Australian cockroach averages around 30mm to 35mm in size. Their antennae are slightly larger than their body size. However, it is slightly smaller than the American cockroach.Despite their tough body, the Australian cockroach is quite flexible and able to bend which is one contributing factor to allow it to fit through small spaces.

Cockroach Reproduction:

It takes approximately one yearfor a cockroach to go from an egg to an adult cockroach. Female cockroaches lay eggs in an ootheca (egg sac). There are approximately 24 eggs per ootheca, and about three-quarters of the eggs hatch.

Cockroach Habits

Despite its name, the Australian cockroach is a Cosmopolitan species and an introduced species in Australia that may have originated in Asia. The Australian cockroaches prefer warmer climates, and usually tend to stay outdoors. In cooler climates or during winter months, they may seek shelter indoors, in roofs, wall cavities and sub floors. It is not cold tolerant, however, it may be able to survive indoors in colder climates. It does well in moist conditions but also can tolerate dry conditions as long as water is available. It often lives around the perimeter of buildings. The Australian Cockroach however, does create an unhealthy environment. Cockroach pest control can be targeted by Fearless Pest Control Sydney.

Cockroach Diet

It appears to prefer eating plants more than its relatives do, but can feed on a wide array of organic (including decaying) foods. It can also feed on starch materials such as book bindings. These roaches also feed upon human food and they may contaminate our food therefore causing an unhygienic environment which can be controlled through Pest control Cockroach by Fearless Pest control Sydney.

Intersting Facts:

These roaches can cause many diseases such as salmonella dysentery gastroenteritis stomach complaint organisms and also cockroaches adulterate food and spread pathogenic organisms with their secretions .Although there harmful effects can be controlled by Fearless Pest Control Sydney.

Cockroach Pest Control:

To identify whether you have a problem with roaches give Fearless Pest Control Sydney a call,We can assess the Cockroach problem you have and can suggest solutions for your home, Office or workplace.

To speak to one of our Qualified Pest Control Technicians about cockroaches or any other pests Please call 0425 218 172




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