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Pest Control : Sydney European waspsThe European Wasp was first found in Australia in 1959 in Tasmania. By 1978 they were also known in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia area. As the name suggests, the wasp originated in Europe and is also a native of North Africa and Asia.


European wasp nests, and are now firmly established in the Sydney and Unlike the paper wasp the European wasps nest are made out of chewed wood fibre, can be found in ceilings, wall cavities, logs, tree trunks and soil. Nests vary dramatically in size from 5cm to 1 meter in diameter; they are grey, usually oval shaped.

Unlike bees, European wasps can sting repeatedly and are easily aroused and hostile. They are more aggressive in the warmer months .The sting can cause severe allergic reactions in some people and an asthma condition may develop.

The European wasp is found throughout Australia, except in tropical regions.

European wasp Colonies are started by a single fertilized queen, which lays an egg in a number of cells in the nest. These hatch into grub-like larvae and are tended by the queen for a number of weeks. They become the first batch of workers that take over nest construction and rearing of the larvae while the queen concentrates on laying eggs. The nest grows throughout the summer until a batch of males and new queens are hatched in the autumn. These mate and fly off to start new nests. In Europe the nest then disintegrates, but in Australia's warm climate the nest can continue to grow over a number of seasons. This results in giant and potentially dangerous nests of over 100,000 wasps.Urban areas, woodlands and forests.

The worker European wasp is about the same size as a Honey bee but half black, arrow shaped markings and bands on his stocky, relatively smooth, lemon-yellow body. The European wasp also has antennae’s about half the length of its body.1.2-1.6 cm.

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