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pest control sydney roof rat The Roof rats are the second most commonly found rodent in Sydney and Australia these Rodents were perceived to have come from the frist fleet that arrived in Australia.The Roof Rat are also known as Black Rats or Ship Rats, Just like Norway Rats this Rodent speacies is spread through Australian's Coastal area's and also found around Agriculture, Industrail, Commercial and Urban Suburben Areas. rats geting in your roof and you Need Rodnet Control Free Qoute Call Now 0425 218 172




Roof Rats Appearance :

The Roof Rats which are also known as Black Rats but it does not mean that they are black in color although usually they have dark brown color. Their length is around 6 to 8 inches, weight up to 250 grams. They have slim and long body with higher tail as compared to other rats and mice species. They have smooth furs, large ear and eyes, and have pointed nose.

Roof Rats Habits:

The Roof Rats are very Agile due to their slim and long shaped body size, They can climb high buildings and walls and are often found around the  upper structures of building's and can travel through structures with the use of fences down pipes, trees, or even cilmb up glass. These Rodents can penetrate into homes and buildings through a hole about 2.5cm wide.The Roof Rats prefer to live in citys and build there nests in tall buildings, walls and roof voids. Outdoor's they tend to nest in trees,wood piles, and plants, and rarely make burrows underground.

Roof Rat Diet:

Just like all other Rats and Mice Speices, Roof Rats are Omnivorous. These Rodents have a strong preferance for and consume large amounts of grains and Nuts. Apart from that they are also known to consume Vegetables, fruits and even paper. There food intake is 15-20 grams a day ,with water intake rangers between 15 to 20 ml a day. They can survive with low water intake, as long as they consume food with a high moisture content.

Roof Rat Reproduction:

The  Roof rats live about 9-12 months. In only 4 months these rodents reach sexual maturity. They produce 4 to 6 litters per year containing 4- 10 young each litter. the survival rate in urban areas is high due to lack of predators.

Other Interisting Facts about Roof Rats:

The Roof Rats are also found to carry diseases such as Salmonella and Leptospirosis.These Rodents are know to be very devastating as compared to other rats and mice.they were belived to be behind the spread of the Bubonic Plage which killed thousands all around Europe in 1665.

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