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Pest Control Rats in SydneyIn order to understand how to get rid of these rodents, one should begin to know about them first. There are three main species of Rats and Mice which are seen in Sydney and Australia .The Norway Rats are the largest of them and most commonly found rodent in Sydney and Australian. These rodents are usually found in the large urban settlement, warehouses, factories, supermarkets, shipping ports and other food storage places.  All thow there called Norway Rats these rodents are also known as Brown Rats, Sewer Rats and Wharf Rats. They are the most vicious known rodents in Australia and are a serious threat to the quality of human life through their transferrable diseases. Call Now 0425 218 172


The Norway Rats are dark brown and grey in colour. They weigh about half a kilo, 7-9 inches in length. Their body is thick with blunt nose, small tail, eyes and ears. Their fur is shaggy and they have a capsule-shaped dropping. Little bit blackish gray on top and pale gray under belly. Sometimes they are albino and pure black in color.


The Norway Rats tend to make burrows underground to build nests. They use these burrows as a medium to transport themselves into place where they can find food. They have poor eyesight but excellent hearing, touching, tasting and smelling senses. Most rats and mice trace with touch and smell but these Norway Rats have all qualities by which they can locate the object or find food quickly in vicinity. They are poor climbers but can reach to any prominent place with the right platform. Their area ranges from 50 to 60 meters and they prefer to remain hidden during day time.


The Norway Rats are Omnivorous like other rats and mice species, but they have strong preference for grains, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Their food intake is 20-30 grams and water intake ranges from 20 to 30 ml a day.


The Norway Rats live about 9-12 months. In two months they reach their sexual maturity and can breed in any month of the year. Females have three to four litters per year while usually the number of litters ranges from five to six.

Intresting Facts about Norway Rats:

These Norway rodents or rats and mice are very dangerous species and a concern for quality of life, so we should take measures to be secure from the diseases of these rats and mice. Also they damage buildings, homes and structures which are also major parts of concern.

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