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Pest Control : Sydney Red back spider The Red-back Spider is found all over Australia in open bush land, but is especially common in urban areas. Red-back spiders prefer inhabited areas, and because it often builds its web in places like bins, sheds or outhouses, the Red-back Spider frequently comes into contact with humans, especially during the summer months.The Red-back spider although not aggressive, over 600 bites occur each year in Australia, this is often when the spider is accidentally pressed against with the hand when cleaning, or lifting material containing a Red-back spider web. Bites are always from females as the male is much smaller and has jaws that are unable to penetrate human skin.

The venom is highly toxic to humans but effective anti venom is widely available and no deaths have occurred since its development. As a member of the 'widow' group of spiders,the Redback Spider is also famous for the male's suicidal behavior. After mating, he spins around so that his abdomen is against the female's fangs, effectively sacrificing himself to her. The female Redback Spider attacks him the attck is usually fatally, and then eats him. If he escapes he would be severely injured and if returns to mate again this time it will be to his death.
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Red-backs spiders are mainly found nesting low to the ground in urban areas around pot plant, rocks, stairs, fence lines, forests and woodlands.Feeding on insects small lizards and even small mice have been known to fall victim to them.


The female  Red-Back spider is the most seen she has a dark black body about 1.0cm to 1.4 cm in length with a red stripe on abdomen or back.the male Red-Back spider is not seen much because of such a short life span and size they are about 2 to 3 mm in length brown with white or red markings.


Red-back bites can cause serious illness and have been fatal as the venom attacks the central nervous system of the victim. Symptoms include severe pain, sweating, muscular weakness, nausea and vomiting, However medical attention should be sought as soon as possible. To speak to one of our Qualified Pest Control Technicians about red-back spiders or any other pest Please call 0425 218 172




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