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Pest Control : Sydney White-tailed spiderWhite-tailed spiders or white tiped spider can are found all over Sydney.Also Know as white tiped spider It can be found from northern Queensland to Victoria.


White-tailed spiders are easily recognized by their long black or  dark grey body with white marking at the tip of the abdomenor its tail.White taile spiders grow to about 1.0cm to 1.5 cm in length.


The White tailed spider is found on the Eastern side of Australia.It ranges from northern Queensland to Victoria.The White-tailed Spider is usually found under rocks, bark and logs, where it is an active, nocturnal hunter. It builds no web of its own but will approach those made by other spiders, feeling at the outside of the web. This web disturbance lures the spider from its retreat onto the web, where it is stalked and bitten by the White tailed spider. The White-tailed Spider is often seen in older houses and sheds, whose cracks and crevices, as well as the plentiful supply of insects and spiders, make them good places to hunting.This is ussally due to the no treatment of thouse areas.


White tailed spiders lay there egg sack in a dark well sheltered place. The female White tail spider guards Her eggs until the spiderlings hatch.When the white Tail spiders hatch they disperse and hunt tiny prey independently until they become muture.


White tailed spider bites are moderately common.bite victims suffer only localised pain, redness and swelling which may last from a few hours to a few days, although in some cases the white Tailed spider bite symptoms are more severe. An investigation of over 100 verified bites did not find a single case of ulceration. If bitten, catch the spider for identification and seek medical advice.

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